mandag 30. mars 2015

Day 53: Hanami in Ueno and Asakusa


So today Jimmy and I went to see some more Sakura blooming!~ We love nature and wanted to enjoy the flower some more <3

First we went to Ueno Park
 There were extremely many people there!!

 Some people had places to sit, but I think you have to be either VEEERY early or have some sort of reservation...

 Delish pineapple~
 Then we took the train to Sumida, which is in Asakusa

 We bought some food and had a lovely picnic!
 Because buying a small juice box is too mainstreem...


 The golden turd (again)

 When it got dark the lights turned on and it was amazing. Too bad it's difficult to take good pictures with my camera when it's dark...

 Here are some of Jimmys pictures:


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