fredag 6. mars 2015

Day 29: Leaving the Host Family


So it's friday, and it's my last day with the Host Family. I stayed there 4 days and 3 nights. In some way it feels like it went by so fast, but I also managed to do so many things! We made sushi and takoyaki, played table tennis, made origami, watched TV/movie, went to a shrine, the castle, osu street, school and the Toyota factory. We also ate delicious breakfast, lunches and dinners! It was a rich experience! And I'm glad Borderless House made this opportunity possible :D My Host Sisters gave me beautiful cards and homemade presents <3 They are so sweet! I'm going to miss the whole family!

I woke up 07:00, to wake up with the girls. They ate breakfast and I followed them outside to say goodbye, 

In Nagoya, there is a thing called "morning service" which is: you order something to drink (coffe, tea, hot chocolate etc) and you'll be served any bread of your choice and yoghurt, free of charge! It's super nice, and the cafe was cosy and warm. I chose hot chocolate and ham bread.

After eating brunch, we went back home and I used the time to pack my stuff and skype with Jimmy. About 2 hours later we went out to eat lunch and visit the Toyota Museum.

The lunch was Nagoya style with sweet miso soup. The fish was good too! Even if it looks a little scary.

 Here we are at the Toyota Museum. And for those who didn't know, Toyota started by making clothes and fabric. 


 After the Museum I was droven to the Nagoya satation to take the Shinkansen. Everything went smoothly and I got on the Shinkasen at 15:22. when I arrived in Tokyo I waited for Jimmy and we ate dinner together.


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