mandag 23. mars 2015

Day 45 and 46: Picnic in Yoyogi and Minami-Osawa


Sunday 22nd:

So today I went to Yoyogi Park in Shinjuku. This time it was to have a picnic with Ai, Steffi and many others, I think we were about 12-13 at most :) We had two big blankets and everyone brought food, snacks or drinks.

There were an crazy amount of people in the park! We were not the only one thinking about a picnic in the park. It was a little windy and cloudy, unfortunately, but we had a good time! We brought frisbee, badminton and other ball-games. But the wind made it a little difficult, but it was fun either way.

There was also a Norwegian guy there! He said that he hasn't spoken Norwegian in a veeeeery long time, so it was very weird for him, haha! He didn't even react to his real name once, because he's so used to his nicknames. It's just like me: Vibeke --> Vicky or Bikki. So he's name: øyvind --> Vinny.

Pictures from Ai:

We started like this
 And ended like this, and this is actually after we had started to clean
Jimmy (a different Jimmy, not my boyfriend), had made marinated roastbeef!!! He also brought bread and cheese, so we made delicious sandwiches~ It was amazing, and super kind of him!
We were out till the sun went down, and some headed to the cinema, others to other places and some went home. I was invited to watch "American Sniper", but I was tired so I went back home with Steffi instead.

Monday 23rd

So since I had problems with the bank when I tried to pay my rent I had to go back to Minami-Osawara. This is because it's the main bank for the University, or something like that...

But first thing first was getting Jimmy a haircut. It was only 1080 yen (70 kroner). Wish I only had to pay that...
Jimmy and I then took the train to Minami-Osawaa and everything went fine at the bank! It didn't take more than 10 minutes. So when we were done there we hung around at the malls.

Here is our lunch
 Jimmy with his new haircut! (Not so easy to see though...)
Then we had some hot chocolate~
 And later: dinner
Do you like my new t-shirt?
Tomorrow, Jimmy and I are going to have a completely lazy day~


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