lørdag 14. mars 2015

Day 37: Date in Ikebukuro, part 2


So today, Jimmy and I did a lot in Ikebukuro! On our dates two weeks ago, we wanted to do a lot of stuff, but we didn't have enough time. So today we went to a cake buffe, planetarium, aquarium, the observatory (251 meter) and a lot of shopping!

The day startet with us giving each other gifts for white day. Jimmy was surprised because on white day the guy gives the girl a gift, but since I didn't had the chance to give on valentine, I gave it now.
So before breakfast we just had to taste xD

I gave the white and brown box, and Jimmy gave me the pink one <3

After a proper breakfast, we went to Ikebukuro to a cake buffe called Sweets Paradise.
On our way we saw this lovely tree~

 Jimmy ended up overeating, haha!
After eating so much delisious cakes, ice creams etc, we went to Sunshine City for the aquarium, planetarium, observatory and shopping 

First the aquarium

Then we went to the planetarium!

A planetarium (plural planetaria or planetariums) is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows aboutastronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation.[1][2][3]A dominant feature of most planetaria is the large dome-shaped projection screen onto which scenes of stars, planets and other celestial objects can be made to appear and move realistically to simulate the complex 'motions of the heavens'.
These are not my photos, but it looked like this:

It was awesome! But it made me a little nauseous because of the motion, haha! After this we ate some dinner, and did "some" shopping...

some random cute stuff: a notebook, sticky notes, keydecore and a nail polish
 A souvenir from the aquarium, it's a mirror!
 And just a "few" pieces of clothes >___>;;;;;; PLEASE don't ask me how much I used today...

I didn't really bother making the clothes look good, because you're gonna se me wearing it any way.
The blue shirt is the same as the white one

 Can buy a new wardrobe without new shoes and a purse!

Jimmy enjoying his music~
Tomorrow we're going to study and go to Yoyogi Park


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