lørdag 28. mars 2015

Day 50 and 51: Cafe Fuglen and relaxing


Friday 27th

So today Jimmy and I went to a Norwegian Cafe called Fuglen 
To get there we took the train to Harajuku and walked through Yoyogi Park. The weather was awesome today so there were even more people there! 

We bought nikuman!  

 So bright!

 We enjoyed our drink out in the sun, and it was so relaxing! 

 We went into some store on the way back, and we found a huge Tokyu Hands-store

Later, Jimmy and I went to sing karaoke for the first time together! It was a lot of fun, especially since they had my favourite song at the moment "Uptown Funk". After karaoke we went out to Izukaya to eat with Steffi and some more people from the House. 

Saturday 28th

So I slept till almost 13.00! Haha! It's just been a lazy day with Jimmy. We saw many episodes of Supernatural, studied some japanese, went out to eat in Shibuya, then went to Jimmys place.

tomorrow I'm meeting my Japanese friend Hironao, and later I'm having a picnic with Jimmy to see the Sakura trees in full bloom!


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