fredag 20. mars 2015

Day 43: Bleaching my hair!


So today I got my hair cut and coloured blonde!
I was originally gonna colour my hair this blonde ombre style:
 Now, it's not bad, but it's not what I wanted:
But did you think the hairdresser could do this in one try? OF COURSE NOT! 

I knew that they didn't speak english, so I brought a picture with me to show the hairdresser!
Steffi was with me to the hairdresser and I showed the picture (above) to the one doing my hair. "From dark to blonde" is what we said "gradation", "like the picture", in Japanese. You can't go wrong when you have a picture with you, right? WRONG! He asked where I wanted the gradation to start, and I said about 8-10 cm from the top, like the picture. He then made bleach and started to bleach my hair. But the thing I though was weird was that he bleached all my hair that was 8-10 cm away form the top of my head... But that's not the technique you use when you want an ombre effect (from dark to light)... One of the methods (that I know of) is that you bleach the tips, let it set, then bleach a little further up, let it set, bleach a little more up, let it set, etc till you reach the desired length of the ombre. Then it will be lightest at the bottom and gradually darker towards the top. But as I said, he bleached the whole length. When it was "done" he washed my hair and put a treatment in it (which I paid for). Then, he blow dried it and it looked like this:
It looked like I at some point bleached all my hair yellow, then let it grow out! HOW IS THIS EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO THE PICTURE I SHOWED!? Then the battle of explaining why this isn't good enough started. Because he apparently didn't see what the problem was... We then explained that the part where it goes from dark (my natural haircolor) to blonde needs to be more gradient. This is just bleaching the hair blonde! He then had to talk to the other hairdresser to figure out what to do. The thing is that WE had to say what he had to do, instead of him giving us alternatives to what he can do to fix it. Steffi then asked what they where going to do and she got the answer "color it", like: yeah! we got that part, but WHAT are you gonna do with the coloring? So we explained many times what part of the hair that need to be fixes. But for some reason they started to color almost all my bleached hair. And I though "you don't need to do that much, just the transition", or else it STILL won't be a gradation... Well, it didn't turn out too bad, but it wasn't what I wanted as I said. It's more silver and blonde rather than blonde ombre... 

At this point I don't what him to cut me a hairstyle, so I just got my ends trimmed by 1-2 cm... So yeah! That was my experience with a Japanese hairdresser! Steffi did her hair in the same salon but with a different hairdresser and her hair ended up as she wanted! So maybe I just got a shitty hairdresser?
When you feel like the costumer isn't satisfied you do or give something to compensate, right? Wrong again! Still the full price as if I was the happiest costumer ever... I asked for a discount.. Yes, I actually did it! And he got a little flustered. Then I got the whole 1500 yen off (100 kroner), which is not a lot thinking it cost me 17.900 yen after taxes...  (I paid 16.400 yen)

Then when I later was going to Jimmy's place I was waiting for the train, and guess what.. I couldn't find my phone! I didn't remember if I left it somewhere or someone had taken it from my purse. So I ran back to the hairdresser and luckily it was there. Then I ran back to the station, traveled in a cramped train for 15 minutes, then I met jimmy at the station. Needless to say, very tired! It took me 2,5 hours (17:00 - 19:30) at the hairsalon and I hadn't eaten dinner yet...

Anyway... Jimmy and I are going to Odaiba tomorrow!


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