torsdag 26. mars 2015

Day 49: The Imperial Palace East Garden


So today, Jimmy and I went to Imperial Palace East Gardens in Tokyo.
We were actually going to the Imperial Palace it self, but the whole area was closed for some reason. There were guards everywhere... 

Right outside Tokyo Station

 It's a quick walk to The Imperial Palace (...Too bad it's closed!)
 The old and the new

 This is the park we couldn't enter, but we got atleast a photo from the outside 

 A photo of me~

 Jimmy being super cute
 And me being silly
 It was extremly sunny today so it wasn't the best weather to take pictures in... Another fun fact: I need some stronger allergy pills, because Japanese Spring is BRUTAL!!!

 So briiight, tiiiiny eyes~
 We rested a bit, but I gmy nose got so runny we had to keep on going xD

 Many others took a rest here

My favourite photo of Jimmy!

 After the park we walked for a bit before we got back to Tokyo Station.
 We explored the underground shopping (Yaesu) at Tokyo Station

Tenpura for dinner!
 And hot chocolate for dessert!

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