fredag 13. februar 2015

Day 8: Onsen in Chiba (Urayasu Mangekyou 浦安万華鏡 )

Today I went to an Onsen for the first time! It was Hironao's idea, and he'd been there before do he was confident it would be good :) We went to Urayasu Mangekyou  浦安万華鏡  Tokyo Ooedo Onsen.

An onsen (温泉?) is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs
It took me about 45 minutes with the train.  Hinonao managed to miss his stop, haha! So he was a little bit late.

We were at the shopping center near the station for a little while, before waiting for the free bus to the Onsen. Here is the bus:

The place was beautiful!!! I didn't have the urge to take pictures because I just wanted to relax. But I did take this picture of the changing room when I came, because it was soooo cool!

 After going outside at the onsen, which is a mix between the sexes (you have to wear a swimsuit), we went to relax. It's amazinf because there is different room you can relax in, either to sleep or just chatting with your friends. There was free Wifi, so I was a little on my phone while Hironao took a nap.
Here are some pictures of the places. The pictures are from TripAdvisor.

There were so many different places you could go. You can choose between bathing with your own gender (naked) or with both genders (swimsuit). You can then choose to go in and out as you please. You just have to wear a robe or your own clothes while you're indoors. Then you can eat at many different restaurants, get a massage, get your fortune told, relax etc. So you can go outside, bath for a while, go inside and eat and then go outside again. Hironao and I went 3 times to the onsen. Even if it is January, it's not too cold. 

Hironao got his fortune told by a lady called Shirasaki by getting his palm read. Even if I don't believe in it myself I did it too. Hinonao had to translate for me, so he wrote it down while she was reading my palm. It was alot of fun! 

Summarizing the good points:
  1. I work very hard and should keep that up
  2. I'm very popular, especially among the opposite gender
  3. I'm able to fall in love
Summarizing the bad points:
  1. I lack energy
  2. I'm overthinking things/ stressing too much
Personal points:
  1. I'm a sensitive person, but am able to speak up
  2. I care about other peoples feelings
  3. My hands are different from each other which symbolises my two sides: theory and dream
The future:
  1. At the age of 25 my job will be very difficult/ hard
  2. I'll marry around the age of 30 (and then either have a new man fall in love with me, or I'll fall in love with a new man)
  3. I'll have two kids
  4. Betweent he age of 25 and 30 I'll have two choices. This can be about job, money, family etc.
  5. At the age of 50 I'll want to relax

 We were at the onsen for many hours! I think for about 8 hours! So before going home, we took purikura and drank some hot chocolate/tea :)

 I recommend this Onsen! 5/5! I'll go back here! :D 
Tomorrow I'm going to study some more japanese and the visit my friends Hiro and Yuki, and greet their new baby! I'm bringing a homemade present and norwegian chocolate, so I hope they'll like it ^_^

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