torsdag 26. februar 2015

Day 19 and 20: Jimbocho and Sushi + Karaoke


24th of February

Today Jimmy and I went to Jimbocho. We walked around, chatted and ate ^_^ I had one of my favourite dishes: tonkatsu!! It's deepfried pork~ 

 Jimmy being a cutie as always
 Jimmy's food. It's deepfried chicken with vegetables and sauce. 
 This sidedish, tasted legit like a new shoe. It was new shoe-flavour, I'm not joking! And Jimmy ate it all for some reason......
 Just a little shopping~

25th of February

After Jimmy went to school, I had to do some grocery shopping. I only had my brunost, carrots and a potato, haha. Superclose to my house it two grocery stores, one big and one small. I bought all I needed at the big one, because it's cheaper. But I also want to support the small stores so I bough some vegetables and eggs. A funny sidestory; the "sale"-signs were hanging so low from the sealing that I bumped my forhead into them all the time! "Omg, somethings in my hair!", oh wait, it's just a salesign. Haha. Either way: I got so frustated because the chasier wouldn't stop talking to one of the customers at the registrer. I was sooooo close to just put thing back and go, because I think it's very rude. She clearly saw me, but kept on chatting while I was standing there waiting. Well, I finally got to buy the stuff, but I got kind og annoyed. I made myself some lunch which was fried vegetables, souse and tofu. I always make TOO much, so I have a the rest for dinner some other time. I talked to Ai while eating lunch and we decided what to do on Thursday. She's super nice, and I'm looking forward to hang out with her. After eating, I cleaned my room, watched Supernatural, did some landuary etc. At 18:00, Steffi and I went out to eat sushi and sing karaoke! We ate a lot! Because we love sushi so much~ 

We ate at Genki Sushi:

 You can either take sushi from the belt that goes around and around, or you can order at the screen. The order then comes on a train that goes back and forth. 
After eating it was time for karaoke

We sang for 2 hours, which sounds alot, but it goes superfast! 


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