torsdag 12. februar 2015

Day 7: Yokohama


Today I went to Yokohama :D It's about 25 minutes with the train.
Yokohama is a very pretty city, I think. The buildings are very clean cut and along with the water and parks it's a good balance. I've been walking for many hours, but it's still alot I wanted to see. I'll most likely come back later. 
 This is the backpack I bough yesterday. It's dark blue with supercute whales <3
 I still think it's so cool that it's different "floors" for the cars! Here it's 3 "floors" that cars drive on ^_^ It's so taaaaaaaaaaaaall!

 Here you can print out pictures! It was very expensive, but I had to try :P

 And as the weak person I am... I ordered some delicious sweets~~~~~~

 This looks old, but the inside were filled with shops and restaurants! It was very nice, but I couldn't take pictures inside.

I was too late for the "tour" at the Cupnoodle Museum :(


Tomorrow, Hironao and I are going to Chiba! 
Saturday I'm going to visit Hiro, Yuki and their baby girl <3
Sunday I'm going to meet Moemi and two of her friends :D

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