fredag 27. februar 2015

Day 22: Yokohama with Moemi and dinner with Steffi, Joel and Jimmy


So today I was suuper tired. Mainly because I've been up to late, and not getting enought sleep... But I met with Moemi today, in Yokohama at 13:00. I'm happy I set an alarm, or else I would have slept way past the meeting time. Side note: I got an e-mail today about my acceptance to the Tokyo Metropolitan University:
I'm goin to the University at the start of March to pick up the "real" copy and I think I'm going to sign something. Either way, It's nice to go there at least once before starting there. The only downside is that it's 1 hour by train...

When I met Moemi we went to eat lunch, because I hadn't eaten yet, We ate pasta, and I chose Carbonara:
 Moemi chose a spicy roe pasta! And being super cute~
(Sorry, I'm going to stop now...)
 We went down a famouse shopping street in Yokohama and to different malls!

 I tried taiyaki for the first time~ I had chocolate filling, because I don't like the traditional anko...

I bough a skirt, short, and a shirt. One of the employee was so excited about me and was very curious how Moemi had a friend like me (that I'm nordic, I guess). While I tried on some clothes Moemi and the employee had a lively conversation.  
 Just a random picture~
 After getting home from Yokohama, I had a skype conversation with one of the employee at the Borderless House. I have applied to a "host-family"-stay, and he asked me some querstions. I have always wanted to try to live with a host family! When I visited my, at the time fiancé, in 2013, I stayed at his host family's house. But it different to be a guest at the house and actually have them as "family". For international residents it's free of charge, so I really want to try! I applied to stay a week from 9th to 16th of March. I'm going to get an answer if a host family is available that periond, tomorrow. So I'm really looking forward to it! :D

I had to rush to Suidobashi to meet Steffi, Joel and Jimmy. We were meeting at 19, but they were 15 minutes late. Then we had to wait 40 minutes for David to come, but then he left because he was going to eat later? But... We met to eat dinner?...What? So yeah.... But, we found a restaurant called Watami, so we ate there.

Here is Steffi and Joel
 Here is me and Jimmy
 I forgot to take a picture of the food, haha! But there is the dessert:
 Jimmy was so nice, so I had some of his dessert too~
 Tomorrow I'm going to have my language exhange-program at 13:30, and then later visit Hiro at 18:00. Then I can finally give Aimi-chan (his baby) her present from Norway! :D


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