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Day 15 and 16: Making nabe and Akihabara


Friday 20th

I woke up super late, and spend like 2 hours talking with Ai-chan in the livingroom. Ai is a very sweet japanese girl that lives in the house. I met up with Steffi and her friends from school in Hamamatsucho at 17:30. We were a total of 8 people. We went grocery shopping for the nabe, and it was a little caos. So many people in a small store, trying to find all the stuff. But we managed to find all we needed, and it came to about 1,130 yen per person. After shopping we went to one of the friends apartment.

We made the nabe at one of the friends apartment, and it was sick! It was at the 20th floor in a huuuuuge building! Omg, we couldn't believe our eyes, it was so cool!

Steffi was the boss! Jimmy and I did the most in the kitchen when Steffi took care of the set-up and cooking.

It was very good! We ended up buying too much food.
Nabemono (鍋物, なべ物, nabe "cooking pot" + mono "thing or things, object, matter") or simply called nabe, refers to a variety ofJapanese hot pot dishes, also known as one pot dishes.

It was a really small balcony, but it was very cool to stand there and enjoy the wind and the view. 
 Jimmy was so nice and we had a great time at the party. He is like a cute nerd that is as weird as me :)

Saturday 21th

Someone from the house decided to have party to like 04:00 in the morning... Yeah, that kind of sucked...
Later that day Jimmy and I went to Akihabara to look at anime stuff, because we're such nerds...

Here is some delish and healthy breakfast/lunch...
 A little shrine along the way
 And I loooove my hot chocolate~~
Jimmy being a nerd as usual 
 And here is our dinner! I don't wanna get fat... x'D
Since I like Kuroko no Basuke, I bough two figures! :D This is Kise

 And this is Kuroko

 And I bought the lates book of Yotsuba&!

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