torsdag 23. april 2015

Day 76 and 77: 2 Months Anniversary: Date at Tokyo Sky Tree


Wednesday 22nd of April

So today is our 2 months anniversary! It's only been two months, but it really feel like we have been together for a much longer time! (I know, cliche...) So this time I planned the date and it was a secret ^^ The best part was that Jimmy didn't get where we were going until we litterly was standing 10 meters away from the place. And the place was.... TOKYO SKY TREE :D 

I picked Jimmy up at uni at 17:00 and gave him his presents: a preserved rose, a card and a chocolate cornet (pastery). Then we took the train together. Jimmy knew of course not where we were going ^^ 

 Where are we going? Hmm...
 To the Tokyo Sky Tree! 
 And it started to rain, haha!
 What a surprise, ne?
Relationship goals, am I right? *Lucky*
Since it's a normal wednesday and no vacation, there was not a queue at all! We got right up to 350 meters! the mist gave the view a "zombie apacolypse"-feeling, haha.

 Difficult to take a picture of us with the view~

 The Tokyo Sky Tree character is sooo cute!
 The light was a little weird, but I'm glad I got a photo with her~ (I swear, I'm not a child!)

 I had planned to go to the Musashi restaurant, but it was waaay too expensive...

 This is how the view looked before

After enjoying the view (of Tokyo, not Jimmy), we had to eat some dinner! And we ended up on a more casual dinner~ If the food is good, it's only a bonus if it's cheap right? 

 Because it was raining, you could see the "aurora" around the tower! So cool!
 On our way home we were almost the only one on the train, is this really Tokyo!?!?!?

Later the train got filled up and it was this ADORABLE baby!!! I made him laugh so much that he got embarrassed! SOOO CUTE! :D Just wanted to kidnap him! His mother seemed very pleased by my facial expressions to make her baby laugh xD She could speak english (she's japanese btw) and said: "he likes you because you are very pretty" and smiled. Then she said to her baby "what a pretty girl, ne" in japanese. Can't forget that baby~

Tuesday 23rd of April

So today I took the train home, and stopped by an 7eleven in Shinjuku to take out some money

 I'm taking the Keio Line (not Keio New line) from Shinjuku to SeisekiSakuragaoka. It takes 30 minutes with the S.Express and SS.Express.

At the station I did some grocery shopping, made lunch when I got home, worked out (cardio + core), made dinner, cleaned my room, and re-organized my closet :) I'm going to work out with Jimmy tomorrow! On saturday I'm going back to Omori to visit my precious friend Steffi <3


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