fredag 10. april 2015

Day 64: A long day at TMU + HANDS party


So today I went alone to TMU because I'm the only one in the house taking the Sustainability Studies and and Global Environmental Governance for the 2nd period 10:30-12:00. I had some trouble finding the classroom, because everything is so big! I had to ask a teacher and he showed me the way to the classroom, it was very ice of him :) 

We were about 15 in the class, and the majority was Japanese students. We introduced ourselves and said a few words why we chose the class. The Japanese students said they took the class to learn more English, which the teacher didn't like, haha. Of course she wants students that are interested in the environment, earth, global issues etc. But I had an even worse reason: my university chose this class for me, haha! But I actually think it's interesting! So during he class the teacher asked questions to the class, like: "what's a system?" and "should we think about nature and human as one or separate?" But the thing was that I was the only one to answer xD I always raised my hand to answer, and at some point the teacher said: "is anyone except for Vicky going to answer?" She even joked about me taking over the class and teach instead, haha. But yeah, that was a very fun and interesting class. 

So after class my mentor helped me get my library card

Then he helped me with the health check-up at TMU. It's free and they measure you height and weight, take your blood pressure and x-ray your lungs. The paper you had to fill out was in Japanese so my mentor helped me with the paper :) You had to fill out the other side too

Then I was free until 5th period which is 16:20-17:40, so my mentor offered to help me with my Japanese homework, which was very nice of him! So I finished my homework and filled my memo cards with all the Japanene words I need to know from Monday's test. 

Then it was time for 5th period: Social Change in Japan, and I take the class with 4 of the others at the Share Place; Penny, Dave, Manon and Jung. In this class there are many with a lot of knowledge about Japan and Japanese society! So I can learn a lot from the others in class :) After the class there were a HANDS welcome party

 I met many cool people at the party! Everyone is so friendly and it was so easy to talk to everyone <3 It makes it easier when everyone wore name tags as well. I actually met two I'm going to be in class with, one Japanese and one German! I also bumped into one that works at TMU and she pronounced my name correctly (Vibeke) and I was in shock, because that never happens xD She then said: Norge, Buskerud, Vestfold! And I was even more impressed and confused. Then she said "I have talked with Heidi, I went to Norway to make the contract between your university and TMU". Heidi is my teacher at my Univeristy in Norway, and they have alot of contact with each other. So Heidi had talked about me, that's why she quickly remembered my name. We chatted for a while, before new people approach and you kind of slips into a new conversation.

This is Anika (almost the same name as my mom: Anita) she was super cute and nice :) We talked a lot and enjoyed the good food and desserts~
I was soooo tired! It had been a long day, and when the clock was 19:00 I left to take the train to Shinjuku. There were going an express 19:17 so I had enough time to take that one. But the trains were all screwed, and nothing went as planned. I asked a Japanese girl at the station about the trains, but she didn't know anything either. I was kind of stressed because I only had 3% battery left and I was going to meet Jimmy in Shinjuku. While waiting came Penny, Dave, Manon and Jung. We all ended with taking a local train to Keio Tama Center, then switching off to an express to Shinjuku. The Japanese girl I met went to Shinjuku with me, while the others went off at Chofu to go home. I finally met Jimmy in Shinjuku, even though he had to wait for me. It had been a loooong day~ We then went to Jimmy's place, ate some late snacks and relaxed :)  

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