tirsdag 14. april 2015

Day 68: Sushi date with Anika + more tests


So today I only had the first period 08:50-10:20, which was Global Mindset. We were many in the class, maybe 20 students. The teacher was very nice and the course seems very interesting. Especially the homework seems interesting. We have to write two entries a week, in a journal. One is "inside-out" and one "outside-in", which means one is going to be a personal mind map and the other is experiences in the everyday life. So today was an introduction and we got to know the classmates a little better. I think this is going to be a good class for discussions! I already did my homework after class, so that's done at least :)

I want to join a club, but haven't decided yet. The weather is so bad so for now I haven't been thinking too much about it. Maybe some of this clubs will be cool?

 I had a lunch date with Anika at 12:00 :) We went for sushi in Hashimoto. 
 My beloved ebisushi!
I'm so graceful!

 Anika and I:

 So much sushi for lunch!
After the sushi I kept Anika company while she was looking for a birthday present for a friend :) So we went to a couple of malls and looked around. After that Anika went back to TMU for classes while I went home. I took the train first, then switching over to bus. But the bus stop had moved and I didn't figure out where according to the sign. So I asked a japanese lady and she explained, but she seems unsure if she could explain good enougn so she followed me there instead! She was so nice! Because of her I managed to catch my bus :) When I got home I worked out and studied for my test tomorrow. 
Tomorrow Jimmy is coming to visit after Uni  :D 


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