torsdag 2. juli 2015

Day 145,146,147 and 148: New job? Dinner and exams

Monday 29th of June
Normal as alway; bike to Uni, classes, did my Japanese homework, went to work and took my bike home. There are always a ton of insects outside after sunset, and I don't know how many insects I get in my eyes, mouth etc... I don't even remember what I did when I got home...Probably cleaned my room, took a shower and went to bed.
Tuesday 30th of June
So today I had my "trial lesson" at Infinity, a private tutor place. I had two 3 year old kids that I taught ABC's, numbers and colors. It it's too bad I live 1 hour and 15 minutes away. But it was fun! I hope I can work more there. Jimmy met me after work and we ate dinner together

 Then we walked for a while before heading home.
Wednesday 1st of July
Work on Wednesday usually is a little stressing, because there are many students, but because 3 students where absent, it was a little easier. One of the students kept falling alseep, and actually had the nerves to be angry at me for waking him up... Like, excuse me? Go home if you're gonna sleep?
When work was over I went to Shinjuku to meet Jimmy. We also had dinner before going to Jimmys place

Thursday 2nd of July
Today I have been doing one thing..And that it my sustainability Studies' exam about fish farming in Norway. And I'm still not finished. I'm going to be pretty busy with exams from now in so I think my blog is going to be extremly boring (more than normal, haha!). For lunch, Jimmy made a delicate fruit salad:
Then it was more exam...Then we went out to eat sushi~

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