fredag 24. juli 2015

Day 168, 169 and 170: 5 months anniversary, Tokyo Summerland and looking for apartment together

Wednesday 22nd of July
Yay for 5 months with Jimmy! 
Too bad I had Uni and work ;_; 
During Japanese class we were only 4 people, then only 3 for the last class xD It was so strange to be so few in class... Then it was work again, and a few students didn't show up. After all, everything went smoothly~
Since Jimmy and I didn't have any time today to celebrate we enjoyed some yummy fastfood together in Shinjuku after work. I also bought a new bikini for Tokyo Summerland~ 

Thursday 23rd of July
Who is ready for Summerland? Not us because it's raining! *cries* So instead we ended up doing school work/reading for exams... And that is mostly what we did. During the afternoon we went to Ikebukuro for some shopping, but nothing was of interest...It's weird how when you're set on shopping, you don't find anything...
I had an awesome salad wrap so I'm happy!
I also bought a new mango tea!

Friday 24th of July
Finally time for Summerland!

It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there! And since we wanted to be there when it opened we had to be take the first train at 07:31... We didn't have to change trains too many times so it wasn't too bad. BUT! Guess what... We forgot 2 of bags on one of the trains... We put them on the top shelf while sitting and forgot to take them with us when leaving the train. So we had to ask at the station, but at the end station the staff hadn't get the bags reported. So either it's on the train back or someone took it. So Jimmy is going to call tomorrow to see if it has been reported in and the bags are in the system (so we know which station they ended up at).

Hopefully we'll get them back! Since our towels and Jimmys swiming shorts were in the bags, we had to buy new ones at the Summerland. Good thing we could buy new!

Then we had fun for 3 hours before the weather turned bad and we went back home to study. Later we went to look for a new place together. 

The common space is pretty small, but the room was very nice! We have a big balcony (common use, but hey, it's closest to us xD) Big wardrobe and mirror and the bed is under the ceiling so we have a lot of space. I think we'll take it! It's also the only room on the third floor so hopefully we won't hear much from the others. 

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