søndag 12. juli 2015

Day 151-159: Go-karting, Japanese photo shoot and The Avengers!

Ok, so this time it's going to be a whole week... I have been busy (and lazy...) so yeah...
Monday 6th of July
Lol, I don't remember what I did this day xD Hahaha... Went to Uni then work I guess...
I had some delish fruit!

Tuesday 7th of July
After Uni I went home to work out as usual, but I actually managed to hurt my leg. Haha, fail. It wasn't anything major...So I did other stuff like cleaning and doing my homework. I also finished the presentation for my Sustainability exam which is on Friday. I also made the best dinner ever! Pancakes with kiwi, banana and yoghurt~

Wednesday 8th of July
Today I was off from work, so I managed to do even more on my presentation. Nothing major happening... Had some yummy dinner with Jimmy tho~

Thursday 9th of July
Finally something interesting happened! GO-KARTING! :D The Go-kart was all the way in Saitama, so it took us about 1,5 hour to get there by train and bus. When we arrived it started to rain so we were afraid if we wern't able to drive in the rain. But even though it rained A LOT! we could drive! To say the least; I got soaked! Haha!! Water dripping from my shoes and stuff. Had to switch my suit halfway... It was going crazy fast and I could easly die...No kidding...But it went ok, even thought it was scary because of all the water on the road, but no accident happened! (Just almost...)

Friday 10th of July
Dooms day! No, I'm kidding. I had my presentation today, and it went very well ^_^ Even though I was talking about fish farming in Norway, I somehow managed to entertain the other students (at least some of them..). Then, right after Uni, I went to the cinema with Jimmy. Watching Averngers - age of ultron:
For some reason it came out SOOOO late in Japan... Like 2 months! 
Saturday 11th of July
Double work! Today I had my first photo shoot for an article! My friend Yuhei contacted me if I wanted to do a photo shoot for an article about portable Wifi. I'm a foreign turist trying to find my way through Tokyo with this Wifi. So we went to different locations, starting from Asakusa, and took pictures of me at different locations. The picture under is when I try the toy vending machine. I got two toys; an onigiri and a cute banana. We also ate sushi! Yum! All together it a very fun and interesting job! I would love to do it again!  While waiting (before the shooting) two different people came up to me for a picture. One old Japanese man, of course (haha) and one young taiwanese girl. It's fun how there are a ton of foreigners, but they still want to take a picture together! XD
Later today I had a new student for my Private Tutoring. We ended up having a 2,5 hour lesson at a cafe with only conversation training. It was a lot of fun and good money! 
Sunday 12th of July
It was soooo hot today! So it was nice being inside even though I had to do my report for my Social Change in Japan-class. Later I had another new student! So I had a 1 hour session in Shinjuku. From now I have three students! I hope for even more! :D

Ice because it's 30C+
And of course some dinner!

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