torsdag 16. juli 2015

Day 160,161 and 162: Delis food, more tutor-work, and pacakge from Norway!!!

Monday 13th of July
Breakfast!!! It looks like it's smiling <3

I took my bike to Uni today, but it was a little warmer than I thought it would be... I rode with Manon, but it didn't look like the heat was of any problems for her. Let's just say my whole face was pink when I got to class. Penny somehow thought this was hilarious as I'm not used to having very wam summers. After this Penny has been legit worried about me and the heat xD So I don't go anywhere without my fan and a bottle of water! You know who is NOT going to die from a heatstroke? ME! Haha! Uni went as usual, and so did work. I had forgotten about July's pay so I was happy to see that I got 60.000 yen~ Yay! Money! I'm going to work at the cram school until the 5th of August. I'm rather going to base my income on my private tutoring instead. At this point I have 4 students. Taking the bike home from work was very nice! The bugs in my face, on the other hand, is pretty annoying...
Tuesday 14th of July
Breakfast!!! So goooood~~
After class I did some preperation for my new student. He wanted to practise listening and conversation today. We met in Shibuya, and as always it was fucking hot! 2 hour of intense English was very tiring for him, I could see xD Haha, poor guy! But it was alot of fun! Since I was in Shibuya I decided to go to Jimmy because he lives close by. I stayed there working on my report that's due Friday! So before going home we ate out on a Italian restaurant 

Wednesday 15th of July
More Uni and more work! Wednesdays are usually more stressing than Mondays, but it went fairly well today ^_^ Some of my friends were planning to go to the Summerland tomorrow, but as it's going to be rainy I don't know if it's going to happen or not. But I really wanna go to a pool or a beach soon, because the rainy season will be over soon now, and I need water xD 

After work I met Jimmy in Chofu for dinner! But I managed to order something I didn't like, so I was sooo sad! Luckly they have a all-you-can-eat deal on bread so it eased the pain. Jimmy is so sweet to trade the food I don't like with what he got. It can't be any better than that! I was actually gonna go home after the dinner, but decided to stay over and do my report at his place in stead. During the night there were a big storm going on! Luckly not for long, but damn! 

Thursday 16th of July
Report, report, report, report and a little more report. I had to be done today so I actually managed to do so! I'm going to look it over tomorrow before handing it in~ I also did some exercising and napped in the bed under the aircon! When Jimmy was done at Uni we went to eat at Gasto~

My えびサラダ
 And my lovely Jimmy! I didn't know a soon to be 26 year old man could look so innocent and cute! Look at the fluffiness! LOOK AT IT!!! :D Just want to punch his face because he's so darn cute!
After meeting a new student in Meidaimae for a 1 hour lesson I went home~ And do you know what was waiting for me? A PACKAGE FROM MOM!! :D Do you know why? Because my mom is better than your mom! (I'm just kidding, but let's be honest, my mom is awesome!) Only bad part was that my flour had exploded, that being said; I saved 99%

I do  believe that this package has fought it's way to Japan! Look at it! WHO PUNCHED IT!?

 Looking good!
 Oh shit...
 Nailed it! (second from the right)

My mom also sent cheese, but I don't know if they survided... I'm going to check tomorrow!

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