søndag 5. juli 2015

Day 149, 150 and 151: EXAM OVERLOAD!

Friday 3rd of July
We had the day off from Uni! :D But the whole day went to do my Global Mindset-presentation... While everyone in Norway are enjoying their vacation, I'm doing my exams xD I'm writing about trends in tourism. We are 4 in the group; me and 3 japanese students. So I'm writing about tourism in Japan and they are writing about tourism in Norway. I'm finished with the powerpoint, but my "manuscript" is not done yet. As a group we're having a meeting on wednesday, and everyone is suppossed to be done by then. Let's see how it turns out~ Jimmy and I went to Shinjuku to get some information about working visa etc, but they couldn't really help us, haha. So we crashed in Shinjuku for lunch and a little bit of shopping!
Saturday 4 th of July
Lol, overslept soo bad xD Haha! Did some more exam-stuff, soooo boring! But it needs to be done, lol. Jimmy and I made taco! Yummm <3 Reminds me soooo much of Norway! 
Then I had my English tutoring from 18-20 before going back to Jimmy.
Sunday 5th of July
Jimmy had his JLPT-test in Meidaimae 12:30, so we took the train together because that's the train that goes to my home. So when I got home I made banana-cookies!
They are only made from bananas, peanutbutter and oats ^_^ So chewy and yummy! 
Then I went jogging for 1 hour~

It started to rain a little at the end, but it was ok ^_^ Then I made dinner, ate, took a shower, did some random stuff on the pc, cleaned my room, washed clothes and that's about it...Ah! I also made dinner for tomorrow ^^ Because I have many hours at Uni before work, I make dinner beforehand so I don't have to buy and eat unhealthy food. So I made chicken with carrots and pumpkin.

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