tirsdag 21. juli 2015

163-167: 3 more exams to go, and I made Norwegian food; Rundstykke med brunost!

Friday 17th July
In Sustainability-class there were the last two people presenting. It went quick and we took a group picture together. I'm going to miss the teacher because she was very nice! I also handed in my final report for the Social change in Japan-class. It was 3 pages and I wrote about womens status during the Meiji Period. It think gender issues are very interesting so I'm glad I could write about it. In the final class we also talked about our report to each other before saying our goodbyes to the teacher.
After class I met Jimmy in Shibuya to eat dinner at Watami. Jimmy also bought a new PC!

Saturday 18th July
Even though I just want to relax all weekend, I had woooooork! Well, I said yes to it myself, so can't complain. First I met with Goto to talk about available working hours at his privat "English school" (Very small). Then I had a 1 hour session conversation practice with one of my own students. I also got to do all the shopping for my friend Siri. She wanted me to buy her a lot of different things from Japan ^^
Sunday 19th July
Today I prepared for my presentation, relaxed and had a 2 hour English session in Shibuya. That's pretty much it...Ah! I made rundstykke from the whole grain flour my mom sent me!
And the brown cheese survived! I'm soooo happy!!!
Monday 20th July

From 10.00-12.00 I had my group over for practicing our presentation that is tomorrow. The presentation is about Trends in tourism; Japan and Norway. 
And of course, we had to take a tour around my share place:

The practgicing went very well! So after they left I went jogging, but it was so damn hot, it ended mostly in walking, haha! 

Since it's a red day in Japan called Marine Day (海の日 Umi no Hi), I hoped it would be free from work. But it wasn't so I still had to go. But I was not the only onw thinking so; 4 out of 7 students didn't show! Haha!
Tuesday 21th July
Dooms day; presentation!!!! It actually went pretty good. Next Tuesday is the last class where we get our Journals back etc. 3 exams done, 2 to go!!!

I have been in love with fruits lately~~ Soooo good! But very expensive *cryyy*

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