mandag 27. juli 2015

Day 171 and 172: Yukata Festival, Japanese interview & Farewell Party

Saturday 25th of July
Yay for weekend! Enjoying some delish Norwegian breakfast <3
 I couldn't take all day off because I had 1 hour English tutoring from 12:00-13:00 with a new student. It went very well, and we enjoyed pizza while practicing English conversation.
I was suppossed to practice some Japanese when I got home but ended up using the time to fix my hair for the festival. Not long after Jimmy came over to help me put on my yukata

 I looooove my nails! My nails have been growing so long and strong after eating healthier and exercising ^_^ And the matt pink nailpolish is the BOMB!

My yukata <3
On our way from SeisekiSakuragaoka to Asakusa we met many people on the way. Some went all "fargirl" over me by getting my attention by waving and calling me. It was fun!

But were Jimmy and I prepared for the TONS of people going to Asakusa? NO! Absolutely not...
Soon after arriving a TV-crew asked us some questions and followed us around. They stayed a little too long with us so I had to ask them to stop after like 30 minutes... 

But we ended up on TV so that was pretty cool! :D

Sunday 26th of July
After my 2 hour English tutoring I did some small prep for my exam tomorrow~ Then it was chilling before the farewell party at our Share Place, It was amazing! I'm staying another month, but it was really nice and emotional!

 My lovely gifts! 

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