søndag 10. mai 2015

Day 94: Japanese resume and formal clothes


So today I went out for some shopping! I needed some stuff for my room, like a laundry basket, dust bin, hair conditioner, formal Japanese CV and formal clothes for the interview. One thing is for sure; a norwegian and a japanese interview is two very different things! First off all, I have to fill out a specific Japanese resume the excact right way (like ALL fucking paperwork in Japan...), then I need to have the formel clothes that is required for the job. The Japanese resume I bought for 108 yen at Daiso, and my mentor Nobuyuki is helping me with the Japanese (mainly kanji and stuff). I really don't want to make any mistakes on this resume, because I know how important it is in Japan to do everything correct...
 Then I had to buy formal clothes, and I went to the nearby second-hand shop at Seisekisakuragaoka. I got a white shirt, a blazer, suit pants, a skirt, two pairs of socks (on for the pants and on for the skirt), and last: the shoes. I know the shoes aren't the best, but my feet are so thin I have trouble finding shoes that will stay on. So I found this with little strap (like a kids shoe, haha!) that is comfortable and doesn't look too stupid. All this cost a little under 10.000 yen (650 kroner), which I though was very cheap! Just finding as good blazer in Norway is the same price as all this, haha! 

So in the worst case: if I don't get the job, I have at least a formal outfit to use next time. So when I'm going out like this I'm going to look like 90% of the Japanese people, hehe! Canæt say I don't feel a little cool ;) Jimmy also bought some new shoes, shorts and socks. I really like the shorts because they fit me perfectly, and I think I'm going to steal them :P

Later we did some homework, and I filled out my resume as good as I could. Again, my mentor is going to help me getting it done :) I also have to take a picture in the picture booth, because in the picture you need your formal clothes... Like, why? Why is that so important? It's just going to be my face and a little of the neck. I don't question Japan's way anymore, but I really think that 90% of all formal stuff can be made easier! I really hope it'll change soon, because it really is a pain in the...  Either way... For dinner we made more taco! Yay! It really is super good :D And next I'm getting my package from my mom ^_^ I'm really looking forward to it, and I think many people in the house are too, because I said they could taste! Of course not, EVERYONE in the house can taste, don't have ebough for that... But it will be fun ^_^ Too bad I can't be home on 17th of May which is "Norways birthday"~ oh well..

And of course Jimmy and I had to watch some more Supernatural! We're soon done with season 4 already! It's going so fast xD  

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