tirsdag 5. mai 2015

Day 87,88 and 89: Study session in Yoyogi and Festival in Fuchu


Sunday 3rd of May

Since the weather was good, Jimmy and I went to Yoyogi park to study Japanese :) We bough lunch, brought our textbooks and had a good time <3
 We were not the only that though going to the park was a good idea ^_^

Around 17:00 we went back to Itabashi. We bought some dinner, and I came across this sweet pasteries:

While eating dinner, we watched several Supernatural episodes. Late at night we went for a long walk, which is very relaxing. Jimmy got a cold, so his nose is running non-stop. I pray I don't get it...

Monday 4th of May

After sleeping in, eating breakfast and watching Supernatural I went home. Jimmy is still sick so it's best to leave him be (for both of us, haha). When I got home I had recieved my package from Iherb. I ordered two packages of protein bars for when I do strenght workout. It's pretty neat because the package is deliviered at the house. There are individual mailboxes, but also big boxes for receiving and delivering. So you get a notification in your private mailbox about your item in the big mailbox (this time it was number 16). First you type in your room number, then your personal code that you got when you moved in. Then you just open up and grap your stuff! So neat! No need to go to the post office (unless it's super big!).
After working out and trying out the new protein bar, I studied some more Japanese, before watching anime and going to bed~

Tuesday 5th of May

Today I've been practicing conjunging verbs in Japanese. And it really is a pain in the ass... The short story; why can't all verbs be ru-verbs? (Those studying japanese, will understand..) Or maybe it's just me being slow... I really need to have this nailed, blah >:( Oh well, I'll just have to study more~ Either way, after studying Japanese for a while I took my bicycle out for a "run"

 This is my home, if you forgot~

 On my way home I stopped by a convenien store, and saw this cuties (didn't buy them though)

 As I passed the station I met Manon on the way, and we later met up to go to the festival in Fuchu.

 In Fuchu we met up with Penny and Dave

Spot the foreigner...

 After watching the parade for a while we ate at the Mos Burger. Penny was lucky to get two burgers (for the price of one) because there were something wring with her order! Yay!
 "Hey, lady, do you mind not being in the picture?"
 "oh, ok..."
 It got dark very soon! At this point Dave went home before us, but Manon, Penny and I stayed a little longer

After going home we watched the Studio Ghibli movie:
"When Marnie Was There" (思い出のマーニー

 The movie gang!

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