onsdag 27. mai 2015

Day 109,110 and 111: Earthquake alarm and more work!


Monday 25th of May
Uni went as usual, but I had to take a trip home before going to work. When I was waiting for the bus there was an eartquake! Of course I felt it in my body, but I could also see the buses and lampposts sway and everyones phone went off saying: "地震です" "地震です" "地震です" (jishin desu) which means "there is an earthquake" and I though that was more scary than the quake itself, haha! I also got a warning message on my Japanese phone

The quake wasn't too strong where I were, but it lasted longer than usual. Then of course, everything went as before!

Today was my first day on the job alone! Woop woop! I came very early to make sure I had time to do everything. I even made myself a "to-do"-list so I didn't forget anything. The only thing I forgot was to write down that I gave out two books, but that's something I can do on Wednesday, On Mondays there are not too many students, so it was easy to have an overview. From 16:30 to 17:30 there was 4 students, then from 17:30-18:30 there were only 3 students, because 2 vere absent. Even if the work is not so difficult, it takes alot of energy because everything is in Japanese, and I'm still new to everything. But it's a fun job! It's easier when I have students that can understand english sentences, so if it's something I need help for they can help (till some degree at least). After work I took the train to Chofu to meet Jimmy. I had forgotten my Suica-card ("travelcard" for train/bus) and camera in hisbag so I could get it back :) We then went out to eat. 

Tuesday 26th of May
When I work I like to take the bus to school, but on the other days I take the bike. The only problem now was that my bike was not where I left it... So very short summarized, I'm not sure if it's the staff that removed it or it's stolen. I just now remembered College students are not allowed to park in front of the house (for some stupid reason). So the neverending quest to figure out what happened with only japanese people, failed... If I don't get an answer if the staff removed it I'm going to report it as stolen on friday. The bike is new and my mentor is the one that bought it (I'm borrowing it) so on friday we have qa meeting so he'll bring the papers on the bike I'll give to the police. Hopefully it will show up soon! Apart from the bike-mess, I finished my Social change in Japan-report and my japanese homework :) 

Wednesday 27th of May
After Japanese classes I tried out the French restaurant with some of my classmates :) It located in the same building as our classrooms, so it's suuuper close! It var only a 1080 yen; one small main dish, and all you can eat salad, bread and drinks. :)

Today was work as well, but this time I worked with Theresa. Everything went very smooth, and we almost finished everything while in class. Some weekends each months there are TOEIC-tests 

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is "an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment."
So I'm going to send a mail to say I can work these days too :) I was going to ask sensei after work, but he was busy. Working some weekends are OK, but I wouln't want to work everyday. Some of the workers are quitting soon because they have to prioritize Univeristy over work, so I got asked if I wanted to work every friday and saturday. I wouln't mind the fridays, but I'm not done at Uni until 18:00... And I don't want to work 15-19 every saturday... I hope to find somewhere with a full-time job when I'm done in July. Of course I'm coming home to visit when my exams are done, but I'm going back to Japan to work. But I don't know how long I'll stay. Maybe only till christmas? A year? Don't know yet~

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