onsdag 6. mai 2015

Day 90: Job hunting and shrine visit in Chofu


So today I did something new and exciting! I met with theresa and discussed a job as an english teacher at a cram school. We crashed at a cafe in Chofu and chatted :) It was very nice and I had a good time. I always wanted a job in Japan, ecpesially as an english teacher. Of course it's not like the deal is settled! There is paperworks, and an interview if I seem to fit the profile. I do believe my teaching education and one year of experience is going in my favour. It's both thrilling and nerve-wracking! I really want this job, but it will be something completely new for me. A japanese and a Norwegian classroom is two very different matters after all! But some job aspects are the same: write down their progress, help them during class, check and give homework etc. This is the part of being a teacher that I'm already familiar with. With this in mind I think I would be suited for the job! I'll work hard on my japanese studies as well! :D

After talking about the job we visited the nearby shrine:

 Theresa wanted her special book written in with the Shrines unique stamp and calligraphy

 So cool, right!? It costs 300 yen (20 kroner) and they did an amazing job!

 Here you coukd buy the special stamp book. The book you buy is unique to the place you buy it. On the left is this shrines stamp and signature

 After the Shrine I met up with Jimmy in Chofu. We had a little lunch date~ Look at this cutiepie!

 After eating we took purikura and went back to Seisekisakuragaoka to buy a birthday present for his dads wife. Jimmys dad and his wife is coming to Japan tomorrow! So tomorrow we're going to eat dinner together. It will be the first time to meet any of Jimmys family. I'm looking forward to it.

Later, as always, we watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural! We also made some dinner, relaxed and then I did my leg exercises!

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