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Day 112,113 and 114: Festival, Bike thief caught on camera, and Big earthquake again!


Thursday 28th
Today is the day off as usual, and I had to go to the immigration bureau in Tachigawa to pick up my "working permit-stamp" on my residence card. I were there only 20 minutes after it opened, but it still took 1 hour! while I waited I practiced Japanese:
 When I was done I thought about taking a stroll through Tachigawa when I first were there. So I went for the showa kinen park:
 Jimmy thought it was hilarious that I was finding the way myself, because it's know that I do not have a direction sense what so ever... BUT! I did find my way, so "HAH" to you..
 On the way I stumbled across a festival! 

 It cost 500 yen to come in, and they sold many different kinds of food!
 The layout

 Out of focus... I think this is a very local festival, because I was the only non-asian there...
 Some food booths had this crazy lines! This line is for a whole honey melon with a scoop of ice cream on top for 900 yen.

 But this one didn't have a line at all!

Oh yes!!!
 Todays entertainment; 
 There were many places to sit away from the sun. It's 30 degrees today!

 My ticket:
 After being at the festival for a while I went to the park. It was WAY bigger than I thought so I didn't have time to look at it all. Next time I'm bringing Jimmy here so we can take pictures and have a picnic!
 This is the top view of the festival
 The Midori bridge
 Seasonal flowers


 They even have their own swimming pool for kids!
 You can also rent a boat! How cool!

 I actually got a little sunburned today... After the park I went home to do some homework etc.

Friday 29th 
So today is the day I'm reporting my bike stolen. Uni went as usual, but I got a message that the staff had captured someone suspicious on the surveillance camera! So wen I went home after Uni I actually saw the clip of a man stealing my bike! D: How rude!!! The bike got stolen 26th 02:00 and I went to use it to Uni 6 hours later! It was a man in his 20-30's with a white jacket. So after watching the clip with Shota we went to the Police. The police man was very nice but didn't speak english (as I thought) so that's why Shota came with me. After filling ot the papers I had to write my address and the place where the Police office is, in kanji on the paper! I had to write 東京都多摩市桜ヶ丘シェアプレイス桜ヶ丘 on a small line (plus some other address I don't remember) and it was very embarrassing... It looked AWFUL! >__>;;;

Either way, it was good to get that done. Now I just have to wait and hope I get it back... I have insurance on the bike so I if it don't show up, I can pay 20% of the price I payed to get the same bike fromt he shop. So I can pay 4000 yen (250 kroner) to get a new bike. 

After the trip to the police office, I took the train to Jimmy.

Saturday 30th
After sleeping in, we ate lunch on the way to Ikebukuro:
 We found this small hamburger shop that made real homemade burgers of different sorts! We ordered the bacon cheese burger for 1250 yen (78 kroner). I couldn't finish my burger, I got so full! But it was super delish~~
 Then we went for a walk before crashing at a cafe to study!
 After studying we went for a walk again

 It was super hot today, so we had to have some ice cream (that's not in focus...)
Later that day it was a big earthquake! It was a 5 at Jimmys place so it was actually a little scary! It is the biggest earthquake I have experienced, and anything stronger than this will be scary. 
But all in all, nobody got hurt! 

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