søndag 7. juni 2015

Day 121 and 122: Tea time and Cat cafe!

Saturday 6th of June
For lunch today, Jimmy and I went to a local cafe in Seisekisakuragaoka. It's very close to my house, so I don't know why I haven't been here sooner... Today we were the only guests at the cafe, a little strange considering it's a Saturday. Most likely it's a family driven cafe because I think the employe were mother and daughter. Unfortuantly the girl misheard that we asked for TWO carbonara pasta (set menu with salad and tea), so we ended up sharing one plate of pasta, haha. But because we ordered different tea, we at least got a cup of tea each. The cafe is cosy and the pasta was super good! I actually forgot to take a picture of it...

 I got lemon tea and Jimmy got apple tea~
 After eating we went to the shops near the station to buy some cake. They sell many different thing, like this tiny jar of jam for 5,400 yen (340 kroner). 
 And here are some funny and creative cookies:
 We saw this cute cookies and got 4 different ones. The price was per 100 grams, so four cookies was 315 yen (20 kroner).
 Here are our cakes and cookies. I love the profesional feeling when you buy sweets in Japan.
 I got lemon pie and Jimmy got lemon chiffon cake.
 Our cookies~
 The sky was very beautiful today!

Sunday 7th of June
Today, Jimmy and I went to a neko cafe! That requires of course a proper camera! Here are Jimmys very important test pictures:
Ready to go!
From Jimmys house it took 25 minutes to walk to the cat cafe in Ikebukuro. Because it's a weekend it costs 1300 yen for one hour (82 kroner). There are free drinks, and you can use your PC, play cards, games and use their Nintendo! 
Enjoy the cuteness:

So happy! Made me miss my lovely Misty even more~


There were this one cat that was HUGE!

This is me playing with the cat

*evil glare*

That hour went very fast! It was a fun thing to try out :3 It also reminded me that I'm in fact allergic to cats, haha! Of course in a minor scale!

Either way... Time for sushi!!


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