fredag 5. juni 2015

Day 118,119 and 120: Super busy day at work, Package to and from Norway!

Wednesday 3th of June
Second period today was Japanese, and we had our first mid-term exam! It went ok ( I hope we get the results on Monday next week), but my brain forgot all my japanese vocabulary xD Haha! Exam is not good for the brain. So it ended up with a very "childish" feeling because I used simple words etc. I really need to step up my game, haha!

This is actually the first time I had a propar bento! I made it yesterday, so I didn't have to get up any earlier than normal. It's vegetables, salmon with a spice rub and grilled corn. It was very good! And all in all it only cost 300 yen (20 kroner). 
 After Uni it was time for work! On wednesday I am at work with Theresa, but she was sick so I had to be alone today. It was kind og crazy because it was packed with students today. I barely had time to give homework before they went home. On wednesdays it's devided into 4 periods, 15:30-16:30, 16:30-17:30, 17:30-18:30 and 18:30-18:55. Different students come to different times and some student are there for more than one period. So it's a lot to have have control of, not only that but theirn name is in kanji that I have to look up in my notes each time, and that's time consuming. I'm slowly starting to learn some of the names, but it takes a long time. When I was done the sunset was very nice:
Thursday 4th of June
My day off <3 It was very nice after the stressfull day at work yesterday~ It's so relaxing to eat a late breakfast and just enjoy the food. 
 I was chilling in the livingroom with my AWESOME watermelon and a cup of tea, when I got a message from Lånekassa that my application for money STILL had not gone through the system. Lånekassa still said that my home University had not given the correct information, even though the University said to me they had done it. Super frustrated I sent an urgent mail to my contact person for my study abroad and asked why Lånekassa agve me this message when it was supposed to be in order. This was suppossed to be fixed for 2 months ago... Then it turned out to be a fault in Lånekassa's online system. Luckly this got fixed and I hope to get my money soon. 
I also got around to send my package to my sister! I bought a lot of different thing and of course some gifts that my nephew wanted ^_^ The lady at my local post office was VERY nice :) She spoke slowly and clearly so I could understand what she said~ 

The rest of the day went to make my presentation for the Social change in Japan-classs. Later I went to Jimmy's place to company him while he was feeling sick. 

Friday 5th of June
I went to school from Jimmy's place and while on the train, Penny called me. My package had come at the door and I needed to sign it in order to get it. I asked if Penny could sign it for me and she told me she would call me back soon. She called back and had signed the package in my name, haha! No problem, right, all white people look the same and have weird names! xD 

At Uni the presentation went well in the Social change in Japan-class and we ended up with some very fun and interesting Gender-discussion. After Uni I was super excited to get my packaged (which was store at the front desk) and my mom had bought me alot of awesome food!
 Lol, julepapir!
 Look at all the stuff! Most important is the cheese slicer for my brown cheese!


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