torsdag 25. juni 2015

Day 140 and 141: Kanji homework and my first private English tutoring!


Wednesday 24th of June

EXAMS ARE COMING SOON! All my exams are next month, so it's about time I get serious about it. I have already begun on my group presentation in the Global Mindset-class. We're four in the group, me being the only non-japanese. We're doing a presentation about tourism in Norway and Japan, so I'm excited how it's going to turn out. Hopefully good, because I want a good grade, lol! We met today during lunch and it seems like it's going the right way.

For work, I actually had a lot of fun! During the last part, me and two of my students slipped over from English to teach me kanji. They we're so enthusiastic they used their whole body to explain me, of course all in Japanese. Then I had to guess as to what it meant, and when I got it right they had such a good time. We talked about kanji and they both agreed that kanji are "a pain in the ass" (めんどくさい). They found it funny that I couldn't read any of the kanji that was on the exercisepapers. Because when kids can do something adults can't, no matter what, it's funny to them. But of course they understood that it's difficult for me, being non-Japanese. They concluded that I needed kanji-homework! So we switched roles, them being the teacher and me being the student. We had so much fun! So they eagerly wrote down homework for me and stated that it indeed had to be done within next wednesday. I'm looking forward to do my homework and give it back to them. I wonder if they'll remember...

After work I went to Jimmy. And today Jimmy made me dinner :D
It was delish fried veggies, mushrooms, chicken and rice! Thanx, honey <3

Thursday 25th of June 
I was supposed to do alot of Japanese studies, but I ended up napping for x amount of hours xD
Jimmy napped first, after eating breakfast together and watching Supernatural. I did Japanese in the meantime, then somehow we switched and I took a nap while Jimmy did Japanese. Then we went out to eat lunch. So much napping! It's like a drug! Hahah.

Later I had to get ready to go to Shibuya! Because it's my first time giving private English tutoring :D I joined an English teaching-site and by now I have been contacted by two people. So Today I had my first tutoring which went very well! My "student" was an adult, wanting to maintain his English after coming back to Japan (after living in America for many years). We scheduled one hour with the price of 3000 yen per hour (190 kroner/time). He was happy with me as his English tutor so we're going to schedule our next meeting! Generally we talked about hobbies, different cultures and countries, traveling, food etc. In Japan it's easy to find a spot to talk, because it's just finding the closest cafe. Cafes in Japan is being used for most things; sleeping, homework or jog related work, chatting, and meetings.

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